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Financing your Metal Roof through the home improvement program.

Please see below examples of great bi-weekly payments
on Approved Credit:

$10,000 $15,000 $20,000
$51.71 Bi-Weekly OAC. $72.04 Bi-Weekly OAC. $95.29 Bi-Weekly OAC.

When buying your new roof through Elements Metal Roof, you can easily finance this purchase through our sister company Worthington Financial. Charles Worthington, our owner, in 1995 started the very first loan brokerage company ever in Canada financing home improvement loans and recreation vehicle loans.

We offer great terms with low bi weekly payments. These are no penalty loans meaning you can pay the loan down at anytime saving Interest or pay it off after 90 days with no penalty. As a Canada wide licensed finance and insurance broker, all information is fully confidential under the privacy act.  We have spent decades building a solid reputation across Canada for our integrity, service & value.

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Using financing specifically dedicated to a metal roofing project can offer benefits over a purchase plus improvements styled mortgage that you would typically get from a mortgage broker. Here's why:

Accessing financing for a new roof can potentially allow for more favourable interest rates and payment terms compared to a purchase plus improvements mortgage. Lenders specialized in home improvement loans, or companies that focus on roofing finance, may offer competitive rates with a straightforward application process.  This allows homeowners to secure favourable terms.

Moreover, financing a new roof can be a faster solution, giving homeowners the freedom to promptly address roofing issues without going through the somewhat laborious process of mortgage approval, which entails property appraisals and other administrative hurdles.

Secondly, utilizing a separate financing route for a roofing project affords a more focused approach to home improvement. A purchase plus improvements mortgage generally envelops a wide array of potential renovations, which can sometimes dilute the focus from the pressing need of installing a new roof, a project that demands immediate attention to prevent potential damages and maintain the home's structural integrity.

By electing for roofing-specific financing, homeowners can direct undivided attention and resources towards the roof installation, ensuring quality and timely completion. Maintaining the roof improvement finances distinct from the mortgage can offer a clearer financial picture, helping in better budget management and financial planning.

It aids homeowners in avoiding the possible accumulation of a larger debt load that comes with revising or prematurely renewing a mortgage, granting a financially tidier and potentially less stressful solution.

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